A heady tale of a single mom who, after discovering she has a twin that was adopted into a wealthy family, doubles as her twin and is catapulted into danger that neither twin anticipated..

Olivia Gale could have pursued career dreams and avoided nine years of financial struggle had she gotten an abortion, as David’s father assumed she would, but then, she would not have David.

When Olivia inherits her mother’s home, she discovers that she has an identical twin sister, Vivian, whom her mother had given up for adoption to a wealthy family.

Olivia sets out immediately to contact her sister.

Vivian’s life has been horrorstricken by a plane crash that killed her adoptive parents and her brother. When the twins reunite, Vivian asks Olivia to sit in as her double so she can disappear temporarily to have a delicate surgery.

Olivia Gale longs to begin the masquerade; to step into a world of carefree luxury and leave behind the stress of poverty. However, once Liv is embedded into her new, pampered life she realizes that even with all the struggles of being a single mom, she desperately wants to go home to David.

Neither twin is aware that someone is trying to murder Vivian.

Joan Bannan has crafted a literary family relationship tale that allures readers into a story of romance and adventure and shines light on what’s truly important in life.

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