Wait! What? Really?

Arranged marriages and parental dominion were deeply established in Grace’s Irish Travelers heritage. While betrothed to Collen, Grace accepted her ancestor’s traditions, but hoped her future with him would allow her to be a writer and a voice of encouragement in the world. Then Collen died. As her friendship grew with Collen’s younger brother Zane, everyone expected there was a new arrangement in the works. There was . . . Grace and her sister, Uny, were shocked when they overheard their father promise Grace to Zane’s widower father.

Grace was forced to choose between leaving her family and Zane behind and living as Zane’s father’s wife in the same house with Zane.

With the help of their mother, Grace and Uny leave home to escape from their “gypsy cult” and start a new life.

This is a story about loyalty, love, murder, and betrayal.