“Great stories don’t require profanity”

It’s hard to do, but it’s a priority for me to write stories without content and language that I don’t want to replay in my head.

Many of us who prefer not to hear profanity are surrounded by it. Some of us love to read, but hesitate to escape into the stress-relieving, lifelong enjoyment of books knowing that the writing may paint pictures onto our inner screen that we will be unable to unsee.

My goal as an author is to listen to the still, small voice that inspires me to write with savory salt for the soul as I sing to myself, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”

I am the student of Ted Dekker’s Creative Way Course in Transformational Fiction and numerous other storytelling and novel-writing tomes. I’m the author of five non-fiction books and three novels. My fourth novel, Gypsy Grace, will be out soon. My millennial son, Peter, my parakeet, and two box turtles keep me company in my home in a small city in Northern California.